About Blockchain: Real-World Application



Blockchain Real-World Application events offer the rare opportunity for a conversation that is only focused on Blockchain and only focused on niche application areas. We appreciate there are other forums out there to deliver cross-industry blockchain or industry tech news – however our events are all about depth, detail and focus. We don’t care about hype – we care about helping businesses deliver practical implementation and overcoming core common challenges.

We believe that by bringing the right people together, in a collaborative and neutral environment, only then can we have meaningful conversation to unlock the potential, foster learning and take positive steps forwards in the implementation of blockchain.

In 2018 we embarked on a journey to host platforms for niche ecosystems. We were the first to host dedicated blockchain events for the insurance value chain across Europe and the US, as well as for the pharma supply chain. We are continuing that journey in 2019 to include the F&B supply chain.

Our events bring together genuine implementers – not ICOs looking for investment. Our events deliver high-quality senior-level delegates, 70% or more are actually involved with blockchain projects. And the others are looking to improve their education to get the ball rolling. We work with credible association, media and consortia partners who are all invested in the same goal:

Enabling the Application of Blockchain to Transform the Way We Do Business