9:00 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

9:10 am
Blockchain Across the End-to- End Interconnected Supply Chain: The Role of Self-Sovereign Identity


  • Making the case for self-sovereign identity – what is it and how can it be used?
  • Creating efficiencies in document management
  • Identifying opportunities to improve patient care
  • Addressing data privacy and security concerns
  • Establishing new business practices


9:40 am How Regulators Will Enable Blockchain as Tool for DSCSA & FMD:


  • Assessing current timeframes and progress towards meeting the 2023 DSCSA deadline
  • Understanding what technical hurdles need to be overcome to meet requirements
  • What are the non-technical challenges?
  • Discussing industry responsibility: who should be leading this transformation to help us meet objectives?
  • Exploring the FDA’s role in achieving this new legal imperative
  • Exploring the roadmap for FDA pilots as a way to optimize blockchain PoCs

10:10 am Can Blockchain Revolutionize Brand Protection Keeping your Products Authentic, Safe, and Connected?

  • Steve Tallant Senior Director, Market Development – Solution Marketing Group, Systech


  • Serialization is compliance, not product protection – what else is needed?
  • Defining the issues of diversion and counterfeiting.
  • How blockchain can secure the digital link to the physical product.
  • How blockchain can not only secure your product custody transfer, but enable the transfer of trust.
  • Promoting the blockchain ecosystem and how to address the privacy and data sharing concerns.
  • A review of the brand protection solutions already in play and a new innovative one that is challenging them – which is a covert, non-additive, and cost-effective solution.

10:40 am Q&A

10:50 am Morning Refreshments & Speed Networking


This speed Networking session is the ideal opportunity to meet face-to-face with other industry leaders. Specifically designed to connect you with many new contacts, take this opportunity to

11:35 am An Update from MediLedger from the Past 12 Months


  • Exploring how the pilot has evolved over the last 12 months
  • Discovering the new challenges faced and how they were overcome
  • Assessing the results and ROI of the pilot this year
  • Moving Forward: Expectations and next steps for the next 12 months

12:05 pm
Looking at Blockchain Strategy Through a Wider Lens Beyond the Boundaries of the Supply Chain


  • Supply chain or beyond, what are the benefits of taking a broader look at blockchain opportunities?
  • Exploring blockchain uses in contracting – chain of custody and smart contracts
  • Determining whether blockchain can be effective in clinical trials
  • Opportunities for blockchain in collating, sharing and storing patient information
  • Understanding the potential use cases for dealing with prescription drug use
  • Examining the potential impact of blockchain in the medical device supply chain

12:45 pm Lunch


1:45 pm Reviewing Approaches to Blockchain Collaboration & The Opportunity of Consortiums

  • Patrick Curry CEO, British Business Federation Authority, Advisor to MediConnect


  • Exploring the different consortium options across the pharma supply chain
  • Contrasting consortiums: How do they differ, what do they offer?
  • Defining the commitments expected from joining a consortium
  • Determining the pros and cons for your organization of joining a consortiu
  • Alternatives to the consortium model – what other initiatives or routes exist to create your own partnerships to develop PoCs
  • Examining the limitations for scalability when working outside of consortium models
  • Defining the commitments expected from a consortium: through the MediConnect use case

2:25 pm
Benchmarking Approaches to the Development of Governance Arrangements to Manage the Boundaries of Coopetition


  • Contrasting approaches to developing governance arrangements for collaborative working
  • Building the foundations to enable trust amongst competitors
  • Creating the rules of engagement for good working which facilitates innovation
  • How to build in ways for companies to join or leave the blockchain through its lifecycle
  • How to determine who heads up governance, who is the ultimate owner
  • What templates for governance can be shared with the industry, is there a blueprint?

3:05 pm Afternoon Refreshments

3:45 pm Creating the Standards to Facilitate Universal Interoperability


  • Analyzing why businesses need the universal interoperability of public networks but with the privacy of private networks
  • Understanding that permissioned distributed ledger technologies typically use isolated networks for business applications – and these are unable to interoperate
  • How to maintain master data to allow interoperability to occur
  • What happens in an M&A situation with blockchain technology transfer?
  • Exploring how multiple applications can run on an open, shared network

4:25 pm Reaching Consensus on Data Sharing Within Blockchain Ecosystems

  • Heather Flannery Co-Founder & Board Chair, Blockchain in Healthcare Global – IEEE ISTO


  • Establishing a common framework for industry standards for writing transactions on a blockchain
  • Exploring approaches to data retention challenges
  • Ensuring security of patient data on the blockchai
  • Examining data privacy and management within a blockchain system
  • Public vs Private blockchain – alleviating data ownership challenges and concerns
  • What information on the system will the government, regulators and consumers have access to?

5:05 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

5:15 pm End of Day One

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